Partnership with other Courses and Programs

The program, through its faculty, has contributed with several Latu Sensu and Strictu Sensu courses in several universities and higher education institutions. In this sense, the professors of PPGDSTU participated in the activities of implementation of the Public Management and Development Graduate Program (PPGGPD) in the municipality of Breves, Marajó, state of Pará. Since 2014, the professors of the Program have taught classes and carried out activities research, guidance and extension activities under the PPGGPD.


Participation of Professors in University Capacitation Courses

In 2012, the Pro-Rectory for Development and Personnel Management (PROGEP) of UFPA, through the Capacity Building and Development Coordination (CAPACIT), held the Latu Sensu Specialization Course in University Management in a partnership with the High Amazon Studies Center (NAEA). This course was attended by six NAEA professors who are also part of the faculty of PPGDSTU.